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Timers for Low Voltage Lighting Systems, Indoor Rated

270422A (Front) 270422A (Back) 270403A (Front) 270403A (Back)
270422A (Front) 270422A (Back) 270403A (Front) 270403A (Back)

These Heavy Duty timers are designed to fit inside rain tight 3R NEMA low voltage lighting transformer enclosures to turn landscape lights on and off. Paige Electric photo controls are used in conjunction with these timers so that the lights come on when it gets dark and they go off at the OFF setting of the timer.

  • Captive ON/OFF pins every 30 minutes
  • 3-prong grounded male plug and outlet (right side) for surge resistance on Model 270422A
  • Polarized 2-prong male plug and outlet (bottom) on Model 270403A
  • Manual ON/OFF slide switch
Technical Data:
  • 125VAC, 60 Hertz
  • 15 Amperes* (1875 Watts*) resistive

* The timers' current rating (amperes) should be derated when operated at temperatures higher than "Indoor."