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Compatible with all splice connectors such as twist-on wire connectors, butt connectors, insulation displacement connectors, etc. Use the following type of connector for the corresponding cable:

Connector Communication Cable Application
3M #316IR (3 EA.) Paige P7162D, 16AWG/1 pair + drain. Tuf-hide®, unarmored Toro Systems
3M #316IR (3EA.) & #10 split bolt Paige P7162D-A, 16AWG/1 pair + drain. Tuf-hide®, armored
3M #316IR (5 EA.) Paige P7171D, 18AWG/2 pair + drain, unarmored Buckner/Legacy/Hunter systems
Telephone Lines
Weather Stations
Sensing Equipment
3M #316IR (5EA.) & #10 split bolt Paige P7171D-A, 18AWG/2 pair + drain, armored
3M #316IR (6 EA.) Paige Type PE-39/PE-54/PE-89, 19AWG/3 pair Rain Bird Maxicom
3M #UR-2 (12 EA.) Paige Type PE-39/PE-54/PE-89, 19AWG/6 pair
  • Resists water penetration at point of contact
  • Built-in strain relief
  • Cable aluminum shield is automatically re-connected during assembly.
  • Paige Electric part numbers:
Description Part Number
SLiC 273211 (includes 2 kits.)
UR-2 270286
316IR 270228R
#10 split bolt 181994

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